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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Handy Helpers Committee

Hello Fellow Manzanita Parents:

We all have very busy schedules between work and family, and thus it is often difficult to devote any extra time for volunteer activities.  An ideal Manzanita FFO committee that would allow you to volunteer in a convenient and expeditious manner is the Handy Helpers Committee.  It is a jack-of-all trades group that will generally help with any activities requiring some physical labor setting up and tearing down.  The philosophy is get in, do the work, get out, and possibly go out to socialize afterwards (time permitting).  Therefore, anyone interested in this easy and fun volunteer opportunity, please sign up.  Then, if and when a need arises, a call out will be made to all those on the list.


Bart Pemberton
Chairman Handy Helpers Committee, Manzanita FFO