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Friday, August 14, 2015

The Boarder - A Summary Report of the August 11, 2015 C F S D Governing Board Meeting

A Publication for the CFSD Community

Superintendent Mary Kamerzell shared the following
student achievements.

Catalina Foothills High School (CFHS)
The National Merit Scholarship Corporation announced
its last group of college-sponsored scholarship winners
on July 13. Michelle M. Jaquette, CFHS class of 2015,
was one of those winners!

At the National Health Occupation Students of America
(HOSA) leadership conference for medical spelling,
Meena Venkataramanan took sixth place at the
conference, which had more than 8,400 attendees.
Meena went up against nearly 70 competitors.

The Arizona Daily Star named its All-Stars for the
spring 2014-2015 sports season. The following CFHS
athletes were among the honorees.

Girl's Track and Field
First Team - 3,200 relay team of Richelle Sandin,
Mari Bangoura, Katie Watson, and Sarah Lansey;
Anita Eichenour, High jump

Second Team - Hannah Whetzel, 3,200
Honorable Mention - Alma Rose Jackson,
Katie Pekarske, Ella Seternes, and Taylor Young

Boy's Track and Field
Honorable Mention - Bryan Beckon, David Cai,
Jordan Chrite, Sam Pershing, Jimmy Stewart, and
DeMarques Wilson

Girl's Tennis
First Team Singles - Morgan Chakraborty
First Team Doubles - Kirtana Bhat and Abby Watson
Honorable Mention - Katie Watson and Halle Zadro

Boy's Tennis
Player of the Year - Nate Rasmussen
First Team Singles - Mike Lee
First Team Doubles - Nate Rasmussen and
Dalton Reisig
Honorable Mention -George Jiang

First Team - Anthony DeNiro
Second Team - Dominic DeNiro
Honorable Mention - Dante DeNiro

Annual Review of CFSD Policy CBA Qualifications
and Duties of Superintendent and Policy CBI
Evaluation of Superintendent (first reading)

The governing board conducted its annual review of
CFSD policies related to the superintendent’s
qualifications and position responsibilities and its
evaluation process of the superintendent. The board
recommended some minor language updates to both
policies. Both policies will be brought back to the board
at their next meeting.

Consideration of Revisions to Policy GBI Staff
Participation in Political Activities (first reading)
Mary Kamerzell, Superintendent, presented proposed
revisions to the district’s current policy to include a
paragraph with language that defines routine school
district communications.
The Arizona Legislature
amended A.R.S. 15-511 in House Bill 2613 that added
language related to prohibitions on the use of public
resources to influence elections.

Superintendent’s Proposed Performance Goals 
for 2015-2016 (first reading)

Dr. Kamerzell presented the first reading of her
proposed performance goals for the 2015-2016 school
year. These goals are in addition to position
responsibilities identified in CFSD Policy CBA
Qualifications and Duties of Superintendent. The goals
are related to the following areas:

1. Envision21: Deep Learning CFSD Strategic
Plan 2014-2020
2. Human Resources
3. Arizona College and Career Ready Standards
4. Technology
5. Community Relations
6. Election

Selection of Delegate(s) to ASBA Delegate Assembly

The governing board approved Ms. Amy Krauss as its
delegate and Ms. Eileen Jackson as its alternate to the
ASBA Delegate Assembly September 12, 2015.

Consent Agenda Items
The governing board approved the following consent
agenda items.

June 23, 2015, regular governing board meeting
July 23, 2015, special governing board meeting
Expense voucher memorandum
Fund raising request memorandum
Personnel memorandum
Gift and Donations memorandum
Approval of increase of expenditures for VVELC
expansion project memorandum

Upcoming Board Meeting
The next regularly scheduled governing board meeting
is Tuesday, August 25, 2015, 6:30 p.m., Catalina
Foothills High School, Building 4, Room 712.

The tentative agenda is:
Approval of Policy CBA Qualifications and Duties of
Superintendent (second reading)
Approval of Policy CBI Evaluation of Superintendent
(second reading)
Approval of Revisions to Policy GBI Staff Participation
in Political Activities (second reading)
Approval of Superintendent’s Proposed Performance
Goals for 2015-2016 (second reading)

Please welcome new CFSD staff members:

Ian Zikler, Special Ed Teacher, OGMS
Zoe Reinhardt, Classified Instructor –Art, CFHS
Alexander Rodriguez, Classified Instructor – Math, CFHS
Mathilde Westermann, EA Inclusion, ECMS
Alejandra Barcel, CARE Assistant Site Manger,
Community Schools
Caitlin Bird, CARE Activity Leader II, Community Schools
Jaclyn Celaya, CARE EA Inclusion, Community Schools
Jordan Claussen, CARE EA Inclusion, Community Schools