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Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Growing Concern of Cyberbullying


Hello Manzanita Families!

I wanted to forward some information for an upcoming event addressing cyberbullying that I think many of you would be interested in. Next month Esperero Middle School is hosting a presentation by guest speaker Dr. Sheri Bauman entitled “The Growing Concern of Cyberbullying: An Update to Protect Our School Community.” Cyberbullying is an all-too common issue already creeping vastly into elementary schools, that unfortunately is predicted to intensify as students age and technology becomes even more dominant in their every day interactions.

I can speak with firsthand knowledge in saying that Dr. Bauman is the guru of knowledge surrounding bullying, especially cyberbullying. She is the lead director of the Counseling & Mental Health program at the University of Arizona (and my former adviser!), and has worked in (and outside of) schools with children both as a school counselor and clinic psychologist. Her research specialty is in bullying, peer victimization, and teacher responses to bullying. Her list of national/international conference presentations and publications is endless- she truly is one of, if not the most knowledgeable professional in the field today on these topics. If you are free on the evening of February 5th, I would highly recommend going to hear her speak on these topics!

Please see the flyer below if you are interested, want to learn more, or wish to RSVP.