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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

1st Reserved Parking Spot Winner Announced!

The winner of the first 2016-2017 RESERVED PARKING SPOT is.....

              The Raizk-Carney Family!!!  

       Congratulations to the Raizk-Carney Family and thank you to everyone who has donated to Mustang Bucks! With your generous donations, we are at a total of $12,000! We have $16,000 left to go to reach this year’s goal of $28,000.

       The drawing for our next reserved parking spot will be Friday, September 23. Those who have already donated and continue to donate through September 22, will have a chance to WIN the 2nd
reserved parking spot 
for an entire year!

        If you have already put your receipts in the Mustang Bucks box in the office for the first drawing, you will automatically be entered.  If you have donated previously or make a new donation and would like to be entered, please put a copy of your receipt(s) in the Mustang Bucks box in the office no later than 3:00 pm, September 22nd.  Thank you and good luck!