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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

THIS Saturday! $12 on 12/12!

A Huge Thank You for Contributing to Mustang Bucks!

The $11 on 11/11 fundraiser brought in another $1,164 and we are now just $5,700 away from reaching our $30,000 goal.  The enrichment funds have already been allocated to each of the grade levels to use. Therefore, it is essential that we reach our goal in order for all planned activities and field trips to take place this school year for the students.
Our next fundraiser will be “$12 on 12/12.”  If everyone is able to make a donation of $12 per student on 12/12, wewill reach our goal. (If you are a few days early or late, no problem!)
We also welcome any larger donations from those of you who may not have made your family's contribution for the school year yet, or would like to contribute an additional amount.  The 12/31/15 deadline for charitable contributions is approaching for those who itemize deductions.  Donations made prior to that date may be deductible on the 2015 tax return in just a few months, rather than an entire year on the 2016 tax return, if the donation is made early in 2016 for the current school year.
We greatly appreciate any amount you can give to help our students!  Thank you in advance for your generosity and support! 

Go to: —> Express Lane (down on the right-hand side) —> InTouch Online Payment (log in and click on your MZ Student) —> Shop/Items At Student's School -> Donation to Manzanita FFO —> Mustang Bucks

Happy holidays to all of our amazing Manzanita Families!