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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Did you know that you can also earn money for Manzanita by shopping locally at Fry’s and Target?

Amazon & Other Online Shoppers!  Earn $ for Our School!  It’s FREE and EASY!  Also, earn locally at Fry’s and Target.

If you shop at Amazon and other online retailers, please help earn money for our school this holiday season and all year-long!

Manzanita receives money regularly from Amazon and eScrip (an online shopping site), which can be used to help fund field trips, buy supplies and other items for our school.  Over $5,000 of our annual budget comes from these and other shopping partners.

Before making your next online purchase, please register at and and select Manzanita Family Faculty Organization (Amazon) or Manzanita Elementary School (eScrip) as your organization.

When purchasing from Amazon you must start your purchase at and Manzanita will earn .5% on eligible purchases.

eScrip’s Online Mall is your way to make a difference every time you shop online - you shop, and the online retailers generously give savings for you, plus a percentage back to our school, ranging anywhere from .3% to over 20%.  There are thousands of retailers who many of us purchase from regularly.  Be sure to start at the eScrip home page every time you shop online and check to see if your retailer participates.  (Note:  Amazon gives 1.2% back through eScrip (vs .5% through Smile), but does not track iPhone and iPad purchases for Amazon through eScrip.  So if you are purchasing from Amazon using an Apple product, please use  This is true only for Amazon purchases only through eScrip.  All other purchases made with Apple products on eScrip will be tracked and credited to Manzanita).

Happy online shopping!!

Did you know that you can also earn money for Manzanita by shopping locally at Fry’s and Target?

Register your Fry’s VIP card at in the Community Rewards program and designate Manzanita Elementary School as your organization.  In one quarter, 9 families earned $105 for Manzanita by doing their grocery shopping.  Imagine what 300 families could do in a year?  We could earn over $14,000!

As some of you may be aware, Target will be discontinuing its Take Charge of Education program in May 2016.  Last year, we earned almost $3,000 and have earned over $14,000 since the program started.  Let’s earn as much as we can before the program ends!  If you have a Target Red Card (Debit or Credit), please register at and select Manzanita Elementary School as your organization.  We will continue to receive money through May 2016.  We are working hard to find other sources to replace this program.

We have recently signed up with which offers safe, non-toxic products for your home and gives 15% to our school for every purchase.  Just select Manzanita School (Note: there are many other Manzanita Elementary Schools so be sure to select Manzanita School in Tucson, AZ).

Please help our school while doing the shopping that you do anyway!  Please ask family members and friends to register too and help us grow our shopper base.  Together we can make a huge difference with little effort!

If you have any questions about these programs, please contact  Thank you for your support!