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Friday, October 2, 2015

Principal's Post - 10/2/2015

There were 26 parents and 2 Governing Board members at this morning’s FFO meeting. After my presentation on fostering a growth mindset, attendees were asked to respond to a real-time poll:

One thing I can say to foster a growth mindset in my child is __________________.

Here is what they had to say!

  •  “Try a new strategy”
  •  “Don't be afraid to try”
  •  “You can do this”
  •  “Keep trying!”
  •  “You can do it! Let's try it this way!”
  •  “All successes require passionate effort.”
  •  “Practice makes progress!”
  •  “Keep working hard and you get it!”
  •  “Perseverance”
  •  “Try, you will never know if you can or not until you try, so: try”
  •  "Learn from my own setbacks."”
  •  “Your effort on that project is admirable.”
  •  “I know you can do this”
  •  “Just keep swimming”
  •  “Failure is part of life, learn from it and try again.”
  •  “You can solve this very complicated problem. Try a new strategy. Maybe breaking it
  •   down into small problems and work your way through it.”
  •  “Respect the process”
  •  “Practice makes progress”
  •  “If you haven't tried something that scares you..... You haven't challenged yourself!”

If you missed the meeting, please watch this brief presentation.