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Friday, August 28, 2015

Envision 21: Deep Learning

School Improvement

CFSD is embarking upon the first year of implementation of our current strategic plan, entitled Envision 21:  Deep Learning.  Throughout the year, on the blog and at our FFO meetings, I will share with you specifics about this work at Manzanita, including how parents can support it.  A strong home-school partnership greatly contributes to our success.

To begin with the “big picture,” our Deep Learning Goals include:

Goal #1:            Reduce the gap between current and desired student academic achievement. 
·      Increase the achievement of literacy and numeracy in all academic content areas by addressing students’ diverse needs and abilities.
·      Develop knowledge and skills that transfer to college, careers, and civic life.

Goal #2:            Raise the engagement of students so they are highly motivated to set and achieve increasingly challenging goals for deep learning.
·      Develop positive academic mindsets so students are more confident learners who feel they belong to the CFSD academic community, succeed in their learning, grow their competence with effort, and find value in their work.
·      Develop the deep learning proficiencies of citizenship, critical thinking and problem solving, creativity and innovation, communication, collaboration, and systems thinking.

Goal #3:            Partner with families and community to achieve our strategic priorities.
·      Engage in regular meaningful communication about student learning.
·      Foster strong relationships with and among CFSD alumni.

While more details about our strategic plan will be shared at FFO meetings and on the Manzanita Messenger blog, participation on the Manzanita School Site Council is an opportunity for you to be more closely involved with this work.  The purpose of the Site Council is to monitor the implementation of our site strategic planning goals.  The Council will explore ways to involve the greater school community in our strategic work.
It will also review, revise, administer, and analyze a Family Survey every year.

An application to participate as a member of this group is included in this newsletter.  Additional copies are available in the school office.  If you know of a community member (grandparent, neighbor, etc.) who would like to join us, please direct them to an application.

I look forward to a very successful school year!  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact me. 

Kim Boling