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Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Boarder for April 14, 2015

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the CFSD Community

CFSD Star Award
The governing board honored the Catalina Foothills High School (CFHS) planning team for its contribution to the high school’s designation as an A+ School of Excellence by the Arizona Educational Foundation. Board President Carole Siegler honored the following individuals: Eric Arellano, Sergio Camacho, Angela Chomokos, Jay Christopher, Cheryl Joseph, Julie McCrea, John Moes, Mark Rubin-Toles, and Pam Short.

Superintendent Mary Kamerzell shared the following student and staff achievements.

Catalina Foothills High School
The following social studies students qualified for State History Day competition: Natalie Aaronson, Atharva Deshmukh, Nizar Hadeli, Ingrid Heim, Calvin Holst, Sarah Kaddoura, Adian Jackson, Ryan Kemmer, Jordan Knope, Gia Longo, Nadia Louri, Rebeca Moreno, Tess Nakonechy, Elyssia Salamanca-Fernandez, and Alexander Reich.

Their advisor is Summer McCall, CFHS social studies teacher.

Orange Grove Middle School
The OGMS Chess Team placed second in the K-9section at the Regional Scholastic Championships. The K-9 team consisted of Rueshil Fadia, Justin Fritz, Preston Martin, Ryan Thompson, and Jacob Waitt.

Preston Martin received a medallion for scoring 3 points. Rueshil Fadia received an individual 10th place trophy, and Ryan Thompson received a trophy

for being regional co-champion.

Southern Arizona Research, Science and Engineering Foundation (SARSEF)
Many CFSD students were award winners at this year's SARSEF science project competition. Note: Their teachers are shown in parentheses.

Canyon View Elementary School

2nd grade, 1st place

  • Ella Wiegand, How does my flower get power? (Jocelyn Dubs)

3rd grade, 1st place

  • Felix Fan, Good wipe, bad wipe, gentle wipe, harsh wipe (Melissa Schantz)
3rd grade, 2nd place

  • Julia Beskind, Is Ultraviolet-C light as effective 
    as alcohol for cleaning your cell 
    phone?(Melissa Schantz)

  • Sahasrakshi Dasika and Harini Rajendra, Shoo away pesticides? (Mary Clark)

3rd grade, 3rd place

  • Sahasrakshi Dasika and Harini Rajendra, Acid 
    rain: germinators or terminators? 
    (Melissa Schantz)

5th grade, 1st place
  • Aiden Baruch, Improving thermal performance of emergency shelter for hot climates (Cheryl Williams)
  • Bhargav Ghosh, Point of Parabola (Libby Hays)

5th grade, 2nd place
  • Emily Kamp, Germ in a Shepherd (Josef Torres)

5th grade, 3rd place
  • Rohini Ghosh, Experimenting with Tsunamis and Wavedepth (Libby Hays)

Catalina Foothills High School 1st place
  • Sylvia Zarnescu, A novel approach to treatment for ALS through metabolomics in a Drosophila model (Terry Fortunato)
Manzanita Elementary School 5th grade, 1st place
  • Nathaniel Cross, What if Ringo's mom had 
    made him play the violin?
     (Elizabeth Pagels)
  • Simone Gelety, Oh say can you sing? (KellyTaylor)
  • Nathan Kuo, pH-antastic sourdough! (Julie Stigler)
  • Noah Wellman, What lives in the hole outside? Can Raspberry Pi help? (Julie Stigler)
5th grade, 2nd place

  • Brianna Brinkley, Ant Pheromones (Nina Hernandez)
  • Natasha Myer, Project wind (Kelly Taylor)
  •  Maggie Probating, Soils that foil? The effect of 
    soil type on radish growth (Jennifer 
5th grade, 3rd place

  • Emmeline Close, The search for the 
    Goldilocks ball (Kelly Taylor)
  • Melina Leonard, Hydroponic vs. organic 
    growing systems (Elizabeth Pagels)
  • Elliott Liu, Viewing stars with filters under light 
    pollution (Julie Stigler)

Sunrise Drive Elementary School

Kindergarten, 1st place

  • Class of 24, How to sink a marshmallow (Maura Baker) 

1st grade, 2nd place

  • Basil Wood, Going the distance: which folded airplane design will fly the farthest? (Allycyn Jacobs)

2nd grade, 2nd place

  • Vivianna Colson and Ella Franklin, Hydrodynamics of swimming (Natani Sundstrom)

Reid Park Zoological Society Award,

  • Madeleine Hazzard, Do animals adopt? (Tieyan Gonzalez)

4th grade, 3rd place

  • Shaurya Chauhan and Travis Dover, Free power and energy from the sun (Denise Ybanez)

5th grade, 3rd place

  • Class of 4, Snazzy Sudoku - Can Sudoku help improve memory? (Michelle Luff)
  • Max Hagerty, Wild fire (Michelle Luff)
  • Michael Lee, The case of the blue garlic (Teri DeFoor)
Ventana Vista Elementary School

Kindergarten, 1st place

  • Ezra Mandel, How does your Jack-O-Lantern stay fresh the longest? (Leah Mandel)

1st grade, 3rd place

  • Ethan Bialis and Annalise Runyon, Which sunscreen is best? (Jennifer Olson)

2nd grade, 1st place

  • Zoe Wung, Traffic during morning drop-off and possible improvement (Shu-Fen Wung)

3rd grade, 1st place

  • Zoe Iacomini, Do you want a fluffy pancake? (Christie Iacomini)

3rd grade, 2nd place

  • Diana Klestadt and Steven Klestadt, Gabions save the soil (Ingrid Klestadt)

4th grade, 2nd place Renee Li, Dull or shiny (Yan Lin).

Odyssey of the Mind
The Manzanita Odyssey of the Mind team placed first in Arizona. The team will go to World Finals in May. Team members are Dillan Douglas, Logan Douglas, Keana Kuo, Brendan Miller, Maggie Proebsting, Savannah Sarah, and Bethany Zashi.

Their coach is Jae Fagan, MZ music teacher.

Special Olympics
At the March 28 track and field Special Olympics competition, the following athletes earned medals.

  • Shan Donau, 4th place, Running Long Jump & 1st place, 100 Meter Run
  • Emily Dong, 2nd place, Running Long Jump & 3rd place, 100 Meter Run
  • Maggie Johnson, 3rd place, Running Long Jump & 3rd place, 100 Meter Run
  • Brennan Polito, 1st place, Running Long Jump & 1st place, 400 Meter Run
  • Chad Preble, 2nd place, Tennis Ball Throw
  • Paul Gravina, 2nd place, 25 Meter Assisted Walk
  • Niko Tax, 2nd place, 50 Meter Dash

Their coaches were Melody Bailey, Sabina Satpathi, and RoseMarie Cress.

Speech and Debate Competition
The following Catalina Foothills High School speech and debate team members recently competed in state and national qualifiers. The state qualifiers are:

  • Elana Quint - 1st place Lincoln-Douglas Debate, 1st place Impromptu, and 2nd place House 2 Congress
  • Max Quint - 3rd place Lincoln-Douglas Debate; Alexander Relich - 1st place Public Forum Debate and 2nd place Impromptu
  • Sumhith Aradhyula - 1st place Public Forum Debate and 1st place Original Oratory
  • Sena Maruflu - 1st place Dramatic Interpretation and 1st place Prose
  • Erin Chapman - 5th place Dramatic Interpretation
  • Natalie Tedards - 5th place Prose
  • Madeleine Owens - 5th place Humorous Interpretation.

Congratulations to Elana Quint who took 1st place in Lincoln-Douglas Debate to qualify for National competition

Their coaches are Chris Lambert and Taylor Johnson, CFHS teachers.

Approval of Professional Salary Schedule for 2015-2016
Assistant Superintendent Denise Bartlett presented the proposed 2015-2016 professional salary schedule. The proposal included supporting one vertical step movement for current certified employees returning next year. The cost increase to th Maintenanceand Operations budget is $295,572.00. The governing board approved the salary schedule and step movement.

Administrative Fiscal Year 2015-2016 Maintenance and Operations (M&O)
Budget Proposal

Superintendent Kamerzell presented the administrative budget proposal for the FY16 Maintenance and Operations Budget. She reviewed revenue and expenditure planning assumptions and presented an at-a-glance budget summary of revenues and
expenditures that highlighted anticipated changes to large budget categories.

Dr. Kamerzell reported that five (5) state funding adjustments will occur for 2015-2016 that will net a decrease in revenue for CFSD.

The proposed budget sustains program offerings for students and maintains the current staffing formula that defines student-to-teacher ratio. The proposal reallocates funds from multiple areas of the budget in order to fund a modest increase to employee
compensation, support contractual cost increases for outsourced services (e.g., student transportation, food service, groundskeeping, custodial), and pay for a November ond/capital election. There are also a myriad of other adjustments to expenses – both

positive and negative – that are required each year.

Dr. Kamerzell cautioned that this budget proposal spends down reserves and that without an increase in revenue next year, we will face difficult decisions about necessary expenditure cuts in 2016-2017 that may negatively affect student programs and services.

March 27 Arizona School Boards Association (ASBA) Spring Legal Webinar Report
Board Members Eileen Jackson, Amy Krauss, and Carole Siegler shared information from the March 27 ASBA Spring Webinar.

Consent Agenda Items
The governing board approved the following consent agenda items.

  • March 24, 2015, regular governing board meeting minutes
  • March 24, 2015, executive session governing board meeting minutes
  • March 26, 2015, special governing board meeting minutes
  • March 26, 2015, executive session governing board meeting minutes
  • Expense voucher memorandum
  • Personnel memorandum
  • Gift and donations memorandum
  • Fund raising request memorandum
  • Field trips request memorandum
  • 4 quarter tax credit eligible fees
  • Award of IFB#15-05-16 cooling tower removal and replacement at CFHS

Upcoming Board Meeting
The next regularly scheduled governing board meeting 
is Tuesday, April 28, 2015, 6:30 p.m., Catalina 
Foothills High School, Building 4, Room 712.

The tentative agenda is:
  • Super Volunteer Recognition
  • Student Recognition
  • Fiscal Year 2014 Audit Report
  • Fiscal Year 2016 Maintenance & Operations (M&O) Budget Discussion
  • Consideration of smartschoolsplus Phased Retirement Program (first reading)
  • Consideration of Proposed Revisions to Policy GCQE Retirement of Professional/Support Staff Members (first reading)
  • Consideration of Proposed Revisions to CTE/JTED High School Courses (first reading)
  • Consideration of New Middle School World Language Course (first reading)
  • April 20 Pima County Board / Superintendent Collaborative Meeting Report

Please welcome these new hires/rehires:
Adam Norzagaray, Computer Technician 1, Canyon View Elementary