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Friday, March 13, 2015

Principal's Post - SARSEF Awards

Recently, twenty 5th grade science projects from Manzanita were sent to SARSEF, Southern Arizona Science and Research Science and Engineering  Foundation Fair. Last evening, at the awards ceremony, the following students were honored for their wonderful work and critical thinking. Congratulations to these students, and their science teacher, Mrs. DeBenedetti!

Nathaniel Cross - What if Ringo's Mom Made Him Play the Violin?
Sarsef Grand Award: 1st Place

Simone Gelety - Oh Say Can You Sing?
Sarsef Grand Award: 1st Place

Nathan Kuo - pH-antastic Sourdough!
SARSEF Grand Award: 1st Place

Elliot Liu - Viewing Stars with Filters Under Light Pollution
SARSEF Grand Award: 1st place; and a Sponsored Award from IDA: 1st Place for Astronomy

Noah Wellman - What lives in the holes outside? Can Raspberry Pi help?
SARSEF Grand Award: 1st Place; Sponsored Award: Louis Coraggio Excellence in Engineering (only one for the whole elementary division!); Sponsored Award: Young Aspiring Engineers

Brianna Brinkley - Ant Pheromones
SARSEF Grand Award: 2nd Place

Natasha Myer - Project Wind
SARSEF Grand: 2nd Place; Sponsored Award: Tucson Electric Power Award of Excellence

Maggie Proebsting - Soils that Foil? The effect of soil type on radish growth.
SARSEF Grand Award: 2nd Place; Sponsored Award: SARSEF Community Challenge

Emmeline Close - The Search for the Goldilocks Ball
SARSEF Grand Award: 3rd Place

Melina Leonard - Hydroponic vs. Organic Growing Systems

SARSEF Grand Award: 3rd Place

Have a great weekend! It should be beautiful weather for the Tucson Festival of Books!
Thank you.

Colleen Nichols                                                           Marisol Kenman
Principal                                                                        Assistant Principal