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Friday, November 7, 2014

Desert Dash Winners 2014


 Desert Dash Winners!!!

Every Desert Dash participant was a winner!! We hope the children will treasure their
beautiful medals.

The individual students named below, who
chose to compete, had the best course times.


Third Grade

1st Josie Burnside
Girls 1st Maggie Toole

2nd Lara Schumacher

2nd Anissa Madrid

3rd Kacey Cerveri

3rd Ashlee Mendola
Runner Up
Isabella Garcia
Runner Up Karina Aronoff

1st Alec Olivas
Boys 1st Griffin Helfand

2nd Ben Pershing

2nd Luke Sadalla

3rd Zach Schaefer

3rd James Perlman
Runner Up
Kai Sadalla
Runner Up Johnny Toole

First Grade

Fourth Grade:

1st Nati Hoerig
Girls 1st Alli Wilt

2nd Casey Schmidt

2nd Maya Moffett

3rd Ashley Jo

3rd Lauren Rowe
Runner Up
Ariana Madrid
Runner Up Audrey Kelly

Boys 1st Wyatt Miller
Boys 1st Ryan Robinson

2nd Wyatt Miller

2nd Brendan Miller

3rd Eli Laney

3rd Suraj Shah
Runner Up Wade Silva
Runner Up
Colin Cosgrove

Second Grade

Fifth Grade:

1st Olivia Irish
Girls 1st Naomi Holtzman

2nd Abby Stadheim

2nd Claire Hartigan

3rd Lauren Thompson

3rd Isabelle Simon
Runner Up
Lotus Felix
Runner Up Isabelle Weisman

1st Evan Beck
Boys 1st TIE: Mac Glaesser & Ryder Landis

2nd Basti Weisman

2nd Andrew Michieli

3rd Leighton Williams

3rd Dylan Melnick
Runner Up
Sebastian Cross
Runner Up Ryan Mulholland

“Thank You” again to everyone involved! We also
hope that all students & their families will continue to
include walking/jogging as part of a healthy lifestyle.
The 2014 Desert Dash Crew