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Monday, October 27, 2014

Principal's Post

Thank you to all of the parents and students who participated in the fall conferences and classroom Open Houses. Students were excited and proud to share their work with you. By now, our hopes are that you have a more thorough understanding as to your child’s areas of strength, and what s/he needs to work on in the next few months.

Strategic Plan  ENVISION 21

This year, CFSD schools will introduce and begin to take the first steps towards implementing the new District Strategic Plan- Envision21: Deep Learning.  The plan continues the strategic work of our school district, building upon and expanding our efforts to continue to provide an exceptional learning experience for all students. Subsequent newsletters will include information on various components of the plan, as well as ways that you might support your child’s development related to its goals at home.  

As a staff, we will be strengthening our own understanding of what this looks like in the classroom, and how we can create learning experiences and environments that foster this type of thinking.  Below are some of the critical attributes that we’ll be focusing on this year as we dive more deeply into Deep Learning.

•Growth mindsets
•Relationship Building
•Goal Setting
•Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
•Creativity & Innovation
•Positive attitudes and beliefs about oneself
•Systems Thinking
•Transfer of knowledge

To learn more about Deep Learning and the direction in which we are going as a learning community, please visit the CFSD website and/or click on the link below,


Halloween is a coming up this next Friday, October 31. It is always an exciting time for children! Classroom teachers will send specific information regarding their classroom approach to, and expectations for, Halloween.

Some general reminders regarding costuming:
* No masks, or anything that obstructs vision. These should be saved for home

* No weapons of any kind, including sticks.

* Please leave all of the scary items at home - anything with blood and the like. Many of the younger students are easily frightened and these objects are not appropriate for school.

* If your child’s grade level or class is planning to wear hats or headbands of some sort, please remind your child that s/he should not share headwear with other students.

Please consult your teachers with specific questions regarding any Halloween issues and questions. Thank you.

Colleen Nichols                                                            Marisol Kenman
Principal                                                                        Assistant Principal