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Monday, October 23, 2017

Desert Dash Results

Congratulations to our 2017 Desert Dash Winners!

5th Grade Girls:                                    5th Grade Boys:
1st Place – Gracie O.                            1st Place – Griffin M.
2nd Place – Abby S.                              2nd Place – Boomer W.
3rd Place – Marissa L.                           3rd Place – John P.

4th Grade Girls:                                    4th Grade Boys:
1st Place – Nati H.                                1st Place – Zac M.
2nd Place – Cristina A.                          2nd Place – Liam A.
3rd Place – Leah S.                                3rd Place – Eli H.

3rd Grade Girls:                                    3rd Grade Boys:
1st Place – Josie B.                               1st Place – Alec O.
2nd Place – Samantha  G.                     2nd Place – Zachary S.
                                       3rd Place – Josh S.

2nd Grade Girls:                                    2nd Grade Boys:
1st Place – Alexis A.                             1st Place – Matthew M.
2nd Place – Kacey C.                             2nd Place – Ben H.
3rd Place – Zara M-W.                           3rd Place – Wade B. and John M. (tie)

1st Grade Girls:                                    1st Grade Boys:
1st Place – Ayla O.                                1st Place – Bennett M.
2nd Place – Shea W.                              2nd Place – Ethan B.
                                                              3rd Place – Eli B.

Kinder Girls:                                         Kinder Boys:
1st Place – Alethea P.                             1st Place – Abram T.
2nd Place – Kylie B.                               2nd Place – Austin K.
3rd Place – Molly B.                               3rd Place – Josh B.