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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Propositions 432 and 433

Dear Manzanita Families,

Below is a copy of the handout we received from CFSD Superintendent, Dr. Mary Kammerzell, when she spoke at our FFO meeting on Friday. With early ballots set to be mailed in two weeks, it is important that we are all informed about Propositions 432 and 433 which will greatly impact all families (and staff) in our school district. There are seven additional Pima County Propositions (425-431) which will appear on the ballots before 432 and 433, all of which will increase taxes if passed. Neither Proposition 432 nor Proposition 433 increase taxes because they replace/continue existing tax funding.

This handout is informative and concise. I especially appreciate seeing the list of renovations and improvements needed here at Manzanita (and at our daughter's neighboring middle school.) 

On behalf of the Friends of CFSD, I am asking you to please read through this flyer and vote on this very critical issue and/or share it with all District 16 voters. More detailed information may also be obtained by visiting our website at or contacting me.   

Ashleigh Kruk
Manzanita parent
Cooper's mom MZ and Allie's mom OG